Best Villas and Boutique Luxury Hotels in India

The villas and boutiques are the unique accommodation options for tourists and visitors. This is very different from any other commonly visited hotels. It can be villas, farmhouses, tents, camps, tree houses, palace, and forts. If you have planned to stay in a unique destination, these are the best option for your accommodation. In India,... Continue Reading →

FamiSafe app- track where your kids going

Not knowing where your children are or what they are doing online can lead to anxiety and paranoia for most parents. Surely you would like to be with them all the time and protect them, especially from the dangers of the online world. In this digital age, this is possible with the use of parental... Continue Reading →

Bette Midler apologizes for taunting Melania Trump’s inflection, calling her ‘expatriate’

Bette Midler is saying 'sorry' for taunting first woman Melania Trump's articulation. The blunt entertainer, 74, first started kickback Tuesday night as Trump finished off the second night of the Republican National Convention with a discourse from the recently redesigned White House Rose Garden. "Gracious, God. She despite everything, can't communicate in English," Midler tweeted,... Continue Reading →

Travel Guide: Road trip to Spiti Valley

The purest and starkest beauty of Spiti valley is the experience that will live with you forever. The journey is as beautiful as the destination itself. The valley is located in the Himalayan range and surrounded by towering mountains, beautiful snowfall in winters, and unique terrain. Here we have helped you to know about the... Continue Reading →

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