Best Villas and Boutique Luxury Hotels in India

The villas and boutiques are the unique accommodation options for tourists and visitors. This is very different from any other commonly visited hotels. It can be villas, farmhouses, tents, camps, tree houses, palace, and forts. If you have planned to stay in a unique destination, these are the best option for your accommodation. In India, you will find unique and fascinating places turned into beautiful places to stay. Here we have listed the most beautiful villas and boutiques you can plan to stay on your next trip.

1. Casa Colvale, Taliwado, Goa

Casa Colvale is an excellent boutique property located in North Goa. If you visit Goa next time, consider staying in this beautiful villa to experience the accommodation’s uniqueness. You can enjoy the home type living construction, which opens into your private garden and outdoor sitting area facing the beach. You can also walk downhill and barbecue under the moonlight. The villas had a dark stone floor, and the walls are bright. It is a family-friendly living space that will give you some time off the city’s hustle and bustle. You can also enjoy the yoga in the garden of the terrace enjoy the cool breeze.

2. Chapslee, Elysium Hill, Himachal Pradesh

If you dream of staying in a highly sumptuous suite, then Chapslee of Himachal Pradesh is the place for you. It was the summer house for Raja Charanjit Singh, who built this beautiful house with the best wood of the time. The royal structure of the boutique will surely attract you to plan your stay at this place. It has a big bedroom decorated with swords, paintings, and embroideries of his era. Staying here makes you feel like loving in history for a few days. 

3. Primrose Villas, Chikmagalur, Bengaluru

Bengaluru is a city full of the hustle and bustle, but just a few kilometers away, you can experience divine peace and tranquility in the Primrose villas. The guest experience luxury stays in the grant villa with amazing services. You can enjoy the coffee plantation, trip to nearby reserve, and mountain trekking. So next time you plan to visit Karnataka, consider visiting and staying in this boutique, Primrose Villa.

4.  Ahilya Fort, Maheshwar, Madhya Pradesh

If you happen to travel to Madhya Pradesh, you can choose to stay in Ahilya Fort. It is located at a height where you can see the green lush forest and Narmada River flow. The boutique is made up of dark timber, ancient house design, pale stone floor, and shutter doors. The bedrooms are luxurious, and they have woven fabrics for majestic views. You can enjoy the view and meal on the terrace.  

5. Assagao Villa, Siolim,Goa

Assagoa Villa is a great place to relax and rest in the place of stay. The rooms are spacious, and the balcony the best part of the rooms. You can quitely stand on the balcony and take a deep breath to take the freshness of the cool breeze. It is surrounded by majestic coconut trees and lush green forestry. It has three bedroom set that you can rent for your comfortable stay. You can book your room in this villa via OYO room website. If you are interested, then book now and use OYO offers to gain great discounts. So plan the stay in Goa at this boutique in your next trip.

6. Sukoon Houseboat, Srinagar, J&K

What could be more romantic than staying in a houseboat, surrounded by water and enjoying candlelight dinner under the open sky! Kashmiri houseboat, Sukoon in Srinagar, is one of the best in the region. It was built in the 1970s with cedarwood, which has kept it strong till now. There are five guest rooms, and each unit can enjoy the rides whenever they wish. The rooms are very spacious, and you will know for once that you are floating on the water. It also provides good wifi connectivity and other services.

7. Prakriti Agro Farm, Jawahar, Maharashtra

Jawahar has this remarkable Prakriti Agro farm for the unique staying experience for the guests or visitors. You can consider staying here to enjoy nature, serenity, great hospitality, and a comfortable stay. It has a beautiful swimming pool, and everywhere you run your eyes, you will be amazed by its beauty. The hotel has good services and provides all the necessary services. 

8. The Corner Courtyard, Kolkata

Kolkata has a fantastic boutique hotel with a large spacious room and a glimpse of the modern interior. The white exposed brick wall is the major attraction for the hotel. Your stay here will be memorable for the stay and the food. Next time you visit Kolkata, you can consider staying here.

This refurbished building is the merger of antique designs and today’s colorful walls and furniture. It is equipped with all facilities for your stay.

9. Savista Retreat, Sanjharia, Rajasthan

Savista Retreat is one of the most serene places in Rajasthan. You can enjoy the bird singing, beautiful garden, fields and hammocks. You can experience the incredible ancient touch in your staying. Take local market and enjoy the clean surrounding with beautiful nature. This is a lifetime experience that will help you escape the business of the city.

10. Back Water Farm House, Allapauza, Kerela

The beautiful Backwater Farmhouse is located near Cochin. It is one of the most beautiful staying places if you are in Kerala to enjoy the backwater. The rooms are comfortable, and they allow you to enjoy the garden and ground of the campus.


When you have so many options to stay in various accommodation kinds, why restrict yourself to four-walled rooms. Many boutiques and villas are the perfect places to have some good family time in a formal setting. So the next time when you plan your trip, remember to look for an excellent place for comfortable and unique staying. Here we have listed some well-known boutiques in India that you can consider to explore.

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