How 24hr dispatch is a much-in-demand innovation in the eyewear industry?

The eyewear industry consists of giants that control all high-end brands, notoriously known for selling overpricedglasses online. Even after new retails launching every year, the steep cost never seems to surrender. Though the primary issue is the high-priced market, the eyewear industry also lacks innovation & follows the traditional way of selling. 

After looking over eyewear’s method of commerce, the industry is complicated with brands – simultaneously working in both fashion and health care, all at a high cost. Eyewear is not just a vision-correcting device but an intimate and personal portrayal of our identity. The industry isn’t just conservative through its brick-and-mortar service but also tends to move at a slower pace. Shoes, apparel, and jewellery are delivered to you the very next day while it takes a lifetime for prescription glasses or even the fashion ones. When most eyewear companies are not willing to fit in with the needs of a smart future, the customers fail to make glasses   – a fast fashion accessory. 

Who’s ready to break in this complex industry?

Specscart, a startup founded in 2017 in Manchester is a perfect example of how innovative ideas & development can reshape the eyewear market. Making glasses purely fashion, accessible and affordable for all is the mission that drives this startup and a leading example. Specscart has created a lower-priced market, enabling access to all quality frames, an attractive solution that for many people is a growing necessity. 

Its small yet measurable steps are making its ways towards the fashion of the future. From bypassing the middleman supply to inhouse manufacturing at its state-of-the-art Manchester laboratory, there’s more to be thankful about this Britain-born startup. Here is its groundbreaking service that it operates on for disturbing the eyewear market into making it more personalised and customer-centric: 

Instant gratification:

When you take out time from your day for browsing new glasses, we know you’d want them immediately after settling on the one. Yes, users of today want products instantly without any compromise, it acts as a reward for spending the money and time for it. To address this emerging need, Specscart came up with a 24hr Dispatch service for its consumers with emergency needs and also for the impatient ones.  By using 24hr dispatch, you can get your order glasses under 24 hours, to get a kick out of the spontaneity of buying and receiving, at once. 

Freedom of real-life testing to avoid buyer-remorse – In the internet era where a business is more simplified and accessible, there’s also a growing difference in products displayed to what gets delivered to your doorstep.  So to avoid the dilemma with product quality, ill-fitting measurements and right choices among numerous options, you get the benefit of using free home try-on service from Specscart. In a free trial cart, you can select any top four frames you found interesting on the website, then add it to your cart and bring it home for an entire 7 days of try and testing experience for zero cost. Specscart has taken one step further for a better experience by adding three different lenses as well than just frames. From viewing specs online to hands-on experience along with lenses helps to build trust, confirmed confidence in your selection and stay free of remorse. 

Glasses for modern-day problems- With increasing technology use, glasses must also evolve to become smart and resolve problems that come with changing time. One such concerning issue is prolonged hours of digital use (smartphone, laptops, tablets, etc.) leading to serious eye problems and discomfort among youngsters to adults. In such a case, you need more than just regular glasses, you’ll need smart glasses with enhanced functionality. With premium X-blue glasses, Specscart successfully integrates technology and vision protection. Now, the user gets not just a single product for fashion or vision but multiple functionalities with extensive screen use. From women’s to men’s glasses, you’ll find x-blue lenses equipped on both non-prescription & prescription glasses of all kinds of new styles and trends.


Buying comes with responsibility for the earth. Customers take a lot into account with the manufacturing process and products’ impact on the environment. The world is now mostly focused on creating products that come with reduction of waste, energy and reduce carbon footprint. So choosing not to manufacture any of its glasses from plastic, Specscart opted to bio-acetate frames made from plant-pulp. It’s environment-friendly and decomposes over time. Acetates are environmentally-conscious and aesthetically pleasing as it exhibits natural shine and is durable. 

With vital and much-needed innovation-led startups like Specscart that help to put forward customer convenience and needs, we friendly believe in the future of segmented & personalised eyewear business. 

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