Eating these 5 nourishments may help diminish PCOS side effects

September is set apart as PCOS mindfulness month. In India, it is assessed that 1 of every 5 ladies experiences the condition. In addition to the fact that PCOS leads to a change of your hormone levels, however it is likewise connected with fruitlessness and builds the danger of other incessant wellbeing conditions, including diabetes... Continue Reading →

Nayara Energy: The Initiative Towards Community Health Care

The industry of oil and petroleum has seen Nayara Energy set the benchmark of notable success as the second-largest refinery in India. As a downstream company with modern and complex design, they contribute in the hydrocarbon value chain from refining to retail. The company owns India‘s 8 percent refining capacity with an 11.8 complexity index and... Continue Reading →

Avoid Plagiarism in Scholarly Journal Articles

Using text/tables/figures from someone else’s work without proper citation to original work and without permission and presenting it as your own constitutes plagiarism. Cases of plagiarism have been increasing the world over. The reasons may be: easy access to online articles, copy-paste function which takes less than a few moments, increasing pressure to get published... Continue Reading →

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